s-safe - the product range for protective textiles

Materials in the s-safe range have many uses in a wide range of textile protective systems, for example ensuring high visibility and giving protection against mechanical hazards and the effects of fire and temperature.

s-safe materials are used to make flexible protective gloves with high abrasion resistance for fire and rescue personnel, for example our Borolon product, special laminates for surgical covers, special dirt-proof fabrics for the exterior of high-visibility jackets, helmet materials for neck protection for firefighters, and FAR standard materials for escape hoods for use in aircraft.


  • Heat protection suits
  • Protective gloves
  • Neck protectors
  • Escape hoods
  • High-visibility clothing
  • Surgical covers
  • Special insulating fabrics for firefighters

Carrier materials and coating

Almost any carrier material can be coated, depending on requirements, preferably with silicone or polyurethane. The most popular materials are based on aramids, polyester and other high-performance materials.
The materials are then coated on one or both sides with silicone or polyurethane or laminated with films.

Special types can also be coated with silicone foam to achieve very effective insulation.

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