s-joint - the product range for expansion joints

The products in our s-joint range are used to manufacture fabric expansion joints for flexible pipe connection systems to compensate for expansion and vibrations caused by flows of hot gases.

The materials used to make pipes require high chemical resistance in order to withstand the often aggressive media they transport.
Expansion joints are also found in filling systems, for example in grain transport. In applications like these the coating is often required to have anti-static properties too.


  • Coal-fired, oil-fired, nuclear and gas turbine power plants
  • Cement industry
  • Air conditioning
  • Materials handling
  • Shipbuilding
  • Apparatus engineering
  • Engine construction
  • Railway technology

Carrier materials and coating

The most common solution involves temperature-resistant carrier materials on glass fabric. In some cases aramid and polyester fabrics may be used if there are high mechanical loads.
The materials are then coated with silicone or polyurethane.
Depending on the mechanical, pressure load and impermeability requirements, light, medium-weight or heavy fabrics may be used with thin to thick coatings.

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